Michelle Laukirbe – Office Manager

Favourite Quote 

The meaning of life is to be useful and happy.

What do you do outside of work?

Spend time with family, relax in my garden (I’ve become a little obsessed with succulents!), walk our dog, read fictional books, bike ride and occasionally go to the gym.

Weekend gym sessions are sometimes followed by breakfasts with my lovely girlfriends where we solve the problems of the world.

What are you most proud about?

My children, now 26 and 24 and the fact that they’ve turned out to be wonderful human beings.

Can you share an embarrassing moment?

When you get to my age, there have been many!

What do you most love about coming to work each day?

Hanging out with my work mates in a very happy, friendly environment.

I love the interaction too with our lovely clients and playing a part in their financial lives.

How are you seen by your work colleagues? (comments from them)

“Office mum.”
“Organised, reliable, thoughtful. Gives us all good advice and thinks about our wellbeing. Keeps the office together.”
“Always happy to help.”
“A wealth of experience and very hard working. Always doing above and beyond to ensure the office is running effectively.”

What do you do best in the office / for our clients?

Liaise with clients and external funds on their behalf.  I always have our clients’ interests at heart.

What are your qualifications?

No formal qualifications but many informal ones!